Alfie, Ch. Krykan's Alpha Centauri,  lived up to his name.   Alpha Centauri is the first star you come to, the closest to Earth.  Alfie was my first & brightest "star".  I don't know if any to come will shine as brightly as he did.    I think he was "meant to be".   His dam, Mandy, was breedable when his sire, Nootka, a Canadian dog, was in the US being shown at the Cleveland Specialty.  The timing could be construed as "fate".

Alfie stood out from the start.  He had several Best in Match Puppy wins, including one Overall Best in Match over 700 dogs.  He was flashy & pretty with a great coat.   He had fun in the ring, usually at my expense.  He would woo-woo and look up at me.  Of course, this threw his front everywhere.   He entertained "his audience" with his antics.  Alfie loved applause.  About the time for Best in Match he would settle down and move beautifully around the ring.  He would tell the judge I'm here, how can you not give it to me?!

His antics in the ring, while entertaining, delayed him finishing his championship.  Alfie had 12 reserves to majors before winning his first.  His majors were owner-handled, despite this "Mamma's Boy" taking advantage of me in the ring.  I'll always appreciate Trish Kanzler's encouraging words when Alfie was picking up those reserves.  She helped me keep going with him during a very discouraging time.

The attached pages show Alfie from his first point & group placement as a puppy to his Award of Merit from the Veteran Dog class at the National.  I've also included some of his offspring.  Alfie didn't sire many litters, but the resulting puppies received his most important attribute---his sweet, loving temperment.    They have passed it down the line to their kids.

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Ch Krykan's Alpha Centauri

June 21, 1985 - October 19, 1998

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